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Insurance Check

Very touching compilation.
With work we have already seen here and some new stuff, I believe.
Seeing your photos appear like this, I suddenly realize what a fantastic and memorable collection you have gathered here.

Insurance Check

This is so touching. You are wonderful.


you are doing such a great deed by sharing this to all

Melissa Villa

Hello Sidney's fans and friends,

I just want to invite you all to like Project PEARLS' new Page on Facebook. Please LIKE and SHARE the page so we could all communicate, interact. Together we can all make a huge difference and impact in the young lives of our children in Ulingan.

Thank you!


J'ai beau le regarder et le re-regarder, je ne m'en lasse pas !


blessed are those who shared their 3T's: TIME, TREASURE AND TALENTS...
and blessed are those who received it. ^_^

Andrei Barbu

Touching video!


sidney, i can't get my mind off this place. i want to write about it. i can't wait to watch the video (too late tonight). this month i will make a $ offering.

thank you,


Thank you all to the kindness of my sarisari store blog :) ! Please help us spread the awareness of the destitute plight of our children in Ulingan and Project PEARLS mission to help them. If you have a blog, please put our logo or blog about the dedication of our volunteers.

Blessings and Peace - Melissa

Cars Philippines

Let us spread the word and help these children.




very nice video. The scholarship fund is commendable indeed.


What are the long-term solutions to this problem?


Très bonne idée cette vidéo, je suis sûre qu'elle fera le tour du net et sensibilisera + de monde, bon dimanche Sidney :-)

dong ho

Sid, you might also be interested in supporting the aetas in pinatubo. we'll be returning there on May just to bring some of the goods.


heart-touching and very impressive captures


sidney, the photos in the video almost moved me to tears.

as much as i want to help financially, i'll start charity first at home by establishing my family here. i wish i'll have means like participating in your medical and outreach programs --i hope there'll be on december when we get home for the holidays.


A very strong appeal for this great program.

Wim van der Meij

Impressive series Sid! You really are touching me here.


No, thanks !
I prefer my garden in Fukushima ...

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En espérant que ton petit coup de pouce leur servira à amasser quelques sous supplémentaires


une vidéo qui donne encore plus de force à tes images.

The Nomadic Pinoy

i watched the video through the project pearl's webiste. touching, very touching. now more than ever, we need to help them.

Photo Cache

very heartwarming video. i hope people will visit the site and if they are able, donate.

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